Beyond Academics

Special attention is given on personality development of the child. Most of the things which we learn effortlessly are from our surrounding. Our effort is towards making a vibrant atmosphere, so that our child can learn effortlessly.


As a child our imagination and creative ability is at its best. Art is one such form to manifest our thoughts. With the right amount of support and timely motivation we can bring the best from one’s self.


Every child has tremendous amount of energy & enthusiasm, which they need to transform in some form or another. And what’s a better way than with some fun gross motor activities that get them up and moving! We have planned different sets of motor activities for different age group. Sports not only helps us develop physically but also helps in developing reflexes like in game of table-tennis, developing thinking level like in game of chess, imagination level and many other sensory capabilities.

Smart Classes & Extra Co- Curricular Activities

Visual images grab our attention and help us retain things for longer duration. To take this advantage our effort will to take advantage of technology as much as possible. Use of projector and computers will make studying more fun & enjoyable and at the same time will help in longer retention.

                             It’s very important to build self confidence in child. Performing small-small tasks not only helps them to understand things but also boosts their confidence level. Various co-curricular activities are designed according to the age of the child, which will remove their stage fear or any other limitations which we as youngsters also feel sometimes.