New Era Public School, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga

New Era Public School, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga



Education pattern of our school is based as per “CCE” of “C.B.S.E.” guidelines. An effort is made on reducing weight of the bag & use of technology as much as possible.

This will not only give edge to our students but also it will give broader outlook to things in a fun filled way.

Also in our curriculum, we have designed various motor, moral & sensory activities which will develop child’s physical & mental level. And above all will help them become a good human being with a sense of patriotism & compassion for others.


The smaller they are, the bigger their imagination. But they are needed to be guided in a proper way, so that they can turn their imagination into reality. With highly motivated & trained faculty members under guidance & vision of school will ensure that our children will be made so strong, that they can not only thrive in any adverse situation but also develop potential to lead wherever they land in future. As this stage is the basic building block, we would like to leave no stone un-turned to give our students best ever start that they could get.


This is the stage when students are most inquisitive & try to explore things.Our creator has created each one of us similar to our species & yet made us different with different sets of talent. We just need to identify & hone one’s skill to become best in their field.We are focused on giving our children as much exposure as much possible. Give them encouragement & platform to move forward. Show them light when there is darkness in front of them. Inspire them to dream big & stand side by side until they learn to leap & start flying.


Each one of us faces tough situation from time to time. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t rise & fight back. All we need is support & motivation. As each one of us is different from one another, so will be their grasping level. From time to time we would like to assess the growth level of each child and find proper solution for further improvement. We will also be needing help of yours to make things better for your child. Career counselling is also very important in child’s life. As one can do wonders if they recognise their true potential & enjoy what they do. We are focused on making children’s school life most memorable fun-filled days with lots of wonderful experiences, along with your support.